~An Evening with Annabelle~
     Mystical Items of the Occult    LECTURE, CASE FILES, ANNABELLE VIEWING,

Monroe, CT. 06468
P.O. Box 41
 Director - Tony Spera
Email - Nespr2@Yahoo.com
N.E.S.P.R. Founded In 1952 By  Ed & Lorraine Warren  TM
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N.E.S.P.R. Founded In 1952 By  Ed & Lorraine Warren  TM

"The Catholic church refers 
to God as a 
supernatural being,
 and the Bible is filled with tales of Demons, Devils, Saints, 
and Angels."

~Ed Warren~

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The Warren's Occult Museum Video Tour Trailer
Tours of The Warren's Occult Museum are available by special appointment. Minimum 6 persons.
email: nespr2@yahoo.com
 You can also see the museum via the 
video tour below.